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Dr. Rossenova, Lozana


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  • Lozana is a trained digital designer with practice- as well as research-based experience in conceptualising, managing and delivering projects in the fields of cultural heritage, digital preservation, multimedia publishing and knowledge infrastructure. She holds a PhD from the Centre for the Study of the Networked Image at London South Bank University. Her position was a practice-based interdisciplinary design investigation structured as a Collaborative Doctoral Partnership project with Rhizome, a leading international born-digital art organization based in New York. She is currently a Post-doctoral researcher at the Open Science Lab of the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB), working under Prof. Dr. Ina Blümel and carrying out research and development projects with a special focus on cultural heritage and open knowledge. In the context of NFDI4Culture – the German national consortium for research data on material and immaterial cultural heritage - Lozana serves as product manager for the software tools developed at the Open Science Lab, including Semantic Kompakkt and Wikibase4Research. She is also community manager for Wikibase users within the consortium. 

    Lozana’s research interests include user interface design, research data management, data curation and semantic web applications in the digital humanities and the GLAM sector. She is also interested in the community-oriented and ethical aspects of open source software development.

    Affiliations and initiatives:

selected publications

teaching overview

  • Semester-long MA/BA student modules:

    • 2023 Faculty for Media, Information and Design, Hochschule Hannover, DE – 'Digital research infrastructure', spring/summer term module for BA students.
    • 2017-2021 Department of Typgraphy & Graphic Communication, University of Reading, UK – 'Publishing Platforms', spring term module for MA students.

    Workshops for MA/BA students:

    • 2021-22 Department of Digital Design and Information Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark – ‘Understanding LOD 4Culture: data modeling, transformation and federation with open source tools’.
    • 2019 The Design School, Kingston School of Art, UK – 'The Form of the Book in Hybrid Publishing Practices'.
    • 2018 Department of Digital Design and Information Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark – ‘Archiving the Web: Interface Design and User Interaction in the Online Archive of Digital Art’.
    • 2016 University of the West of England, UK – 'independent publishing practices', with Inland Editions.
    • 2014 American University in Bulgaria – ‘Creating interactive digital publications with Adobe InDesign Digital Publishing Suite’.

    Visiting lectures for MA/BA students:

    • 2022-2023 University of Reading, UK – ‘Publishing Platforms and hybrid publishing practices’.
    • 2023 UAL Central Saint Martins, UK – ‘Digital Archive of Artists' Publishing’, with Ami Clarke and Arnaud Desjardin.
    • 2021 Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, NL – ‘Model–Database–Interface: from ‘recursive publics’ to informed users and in/re-formed designers’.
    • 2020 NYU, Berlin – ‘How can online collection interface design and infrastructure address the medium-specific challenges of born-digital cultural heritage?’.
    • 2018 University of Siegen, Germany – ‘“Windows & Mirrors”: Theory and Practice in the Interface Design of Online Archives’.
    • 2014-2016 University of Reading, UK – ‘Design and production practices for media-rich digital publications’.
    • 2014 American University in Bulgaria – ‘The Illustration Revolution: Radical shifts in the state of the book and publishing trade introduced during the 19th century’.
    • 2014 American University in Bulgaria – ‘Design in the social context: Information graphics and visual communications for NGOs’.

    Master theses supervision:

    • 2022 Department of Art / School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Finland – ‘The Scattered Steps: A Living Catalogue of Web-Based Art Exhibitions’ by MA candidate Ya-Yu Tseng.

outreach overview

  • Selected talks / workshops:
    • 2023 LD4 Conference on Linked Data: Exploring Linked Data in GLAM: From Inspiration to Implementation – 'LIDO2RDF: a linked data transformation pipeline', lightning talk
    • 2023 LD4 Conference on Linked Data: Exploring Linked Data in GLAM: From Inspiration to Implementation – 'Modeling artists' publication records with the Digital Archive of Artists' Publishing (DAAP)', lightning talk
    • 2023 Critical Media Lab, FHNW Basel – ‘A Useful Archive’, colloquium with Lucie Kolb and Moritz Greiner-Petter.
    • 2023 Innover.city, Hochschule Hannover – ‘Fermenting Data’, workshop with Magda Tyżlik-Carver and Lukas Fuchsgruber.
    • 2023 Goethe Institut, Greece, online – ‘Kultureinrichtungen und Linked Open Data Netzwerke: Erstellen Sie Ihre Eigene Datenbank mit Wikibase’, talk with Christos Varvantakis.
    • 2023 LD4 Art & Design Affinity Group, online – ‘Modeling artists’ books with the Digital Archive of Artists' Publishing (DAAP)’, presentation at monthly group call.
    • 2023 Experimental Books, Re-imagining Scholarly Publishing, online – respondent to keynote panel on ‘Data Books and Computational Books’ with Dr Winnie Soon and Dr Paige Raibmon.
    • 2023 Photographer's Gallery, London, online – ‘Book launch: The Networked Image in Post-Digital Culture’, book launch and discussion with Katrina Sluis, Andrew Dewdney and Olga Goriunova, as well as Ben Burbridge, Nicolas Malevé, Geoff Cox, Annet Dekker, Gaia Tedone, Magdalena Tyżlik-Carver, and Ioanna Zouli.
    • 2023 Hybrid Lab, TU Berlin – ‘Fermenting Data Canteen’, workshop with Magda Tyżlik-Carver and Lukas Fuchsgruber.
    • 2022 SWIB2022, online – ‘Working with linked open data in the context of annotation and semantic enrichment of 3D media: A new FOSS toolchain’, workshop with Paul Duchesne.
    • 2022 NordiCHI2022, Aarhus, Denmark – ‘Curating/Fermenting Data: Data Workflows for Semantic Web Applications’, workshop with Magda Tyżlik-Carver and Lukas Fuchsgruber.
    • 2022 Spatial Humanities 2022, Ghent, Belgium – ‘How to semantically annotate 3D models of non-textual cultural heritage?A new FOSS toolchain for the Digital Humanities’, workshop.
    • 2022 JCDL2022, Cologne, Germany – ‘Collaborative annotation and semantic enrichment of 3D media: A FOSS toolchain’, demo session.
    • 2022 JCDL2022, Cologne, Germany – ‘Open Refine to Wikibase - A New Data Upload Pipeline’, online tutorial with Lucia Sohmen.
    • 2022 Transformation Digital Art 2022 at LIMA, Amsterdam, NL – ‘Rethinking user agency in the context of digital cultural archives’, talk in the context of the panel on ‘Distributed Knowledge’.
    • 2022 NFDI InfraTalk, online – ‘Wikibase and the challenges and possibilities of knowledge graphs for RDM in NFDI4Culture’, talk with Ina Blumel and Paul Duchesne.
    • 2022 FOSDEM, Open Research Tools and Technologies devroom, online – ‘Sustainable community building with the Wikibase Stakeholder Group’, talk with Dragan Espenschied.
    • 2022 Centre for Book Cultures and Publishing, University of Reading, UK – ‘Experimental publishing and new archival initiatives’, panel curation and moderation.
    • 2021 WikidataCon, GLAM track, online – ‘Enriching the Joan Jonas Knowledge Base with linked open data via Wikidata’, talk with Barbara Clausen and Deena Engel. 
    • 2021 WikidataCon, Wikibase Community Track, online – programme curation and moderation.
    • 2021 Hack4OpenGlam, CC Global Summit, online – ‘The Wikibase use case for Rhizome’s ArtBase’, talk given as part of the ‘Vulnerable Archives’ panel.
    • 2021 Research and Enterprise Conference, London South Bank University, online – ‘Model–Database–Interface: towards a new digital design framework through collaborative PhD practice’, talk given as part of ‘The Value of Collaborative PhDs’ session.
    • 2021 Archival Futures in an Age of Transformative Change, Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York, online – ‘The new Rhizome ArtBase’, talk given as part of the ‘Adapting Technologies/Contextualizing Knowledge: Alternative Approaches to the Archive’ panel.
    • 2021 Centre for Book Cultures and Publishing, University of Reading, UK – ‘Experimental publishing and networked cultures: from recursive publics to informed users and in/re-formed designers’, talk given as part of the ‘Experimental publishing and alternative networked cultures’ panel.
    • 2021 Rhizome, online – ‘Rhizome ArtBase Relaunch’, talk given as part of the From Black Boxes to Open Systems event series.
    • 2020 Sakıp Sabancı University & Museum, Istanbul, TR – ‘Modeling Net Art Provenance: A New Approach to the Interface and Infrastructure of Rhizome's ArtBase Archive’, talk given as part of the ‘Technological Arts Preservation’ research lecture series.
    • 2018 Wikibase Summit, NYC – ‘Linked Open Data & Arts Organisations: Documenting an Evolving Concept of Provenance’, presentation and facilitation of UX design workshop session.
    • 2018 MAPS (Media Art Preservation Workshop), Budapest – ‘Collaborative Documentation and Archiving of Digital Art’, workshop with Dušan Barok and Julie Boschat Thorez.
    • 2018 National Forum on Ethics and Archiving the Web, NYC – ‘Curation and Power’, panel.
    • 2018 Curating Machines, Vol. 2, London – ‘Version Control and Archive Freedom’, workshop with Annet Dekker.
    • 2018 Transmediale, Berlin – ‘Webrecorder: Webarchiving for All!’, workshop.
    • 2018 London Art Fair, London – ‘Digital Dilemmas, Pt.2: The tale of the collector’, panel.
    • 2017 Reading International, Reading, UK – ‘Archiving Digital Social Memory’, talk.

education and training

  • Ph.D. in Digital Design and Information Science, London South Bank University , Centre for the Study of the Networked Image, Thesis title: 'Model–Database–Interface: A study of the redesign of the ArtBase, and the role of user agency in born-digital archives' 2016 - 2021
  • M.A. in Book Design, University of Reading , Typography and Graphic Communication 2011 - 2012
  • B.F.A. in Studio Art and Graphic Design, Adelphi University , College of Arts and Sciences 2007 - 2011

full name

  • Dr. Lozana Rossenova

primary email

  • lozana.rossenova@tib.eu

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  • https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q107299893
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