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  • This data set lists 43 projects and additional information in the field of distributed
    science infrastructure. A basic list of project names and URLs was initially collected at the Scientific Publishing on the Blockchain unconference in 2018 in the hackpad on https://hackmd.io/QTaG8S3LQAeBfnCT-EFFfQ . We visited the websites during September and October 2019 and manually extracted links to source code, whitepapers and prototypes. Additionally, we added information like project descriptions, license information and social media accounts. Two more projects related to distributed computation were added in February 2020, during the review process of a data report on this data set. The classification of the projects is based on manual labelling by us. "active in 2019" refers to any obvious non-automatic activity on the website, in a source code repository or social media accounts. Due to the manual information extraction, we expect mistakes or missing data in all fields. This data collection should be seen as preliminary and will likely be replaced by a community driven effort in the future (watch this space for a future reference). Encoding: UTF8

publication date

  • 2020