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Auhunas, Sabina



  • AUHUNAS Sabina, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ph. D.), laureate of the scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,  laureate of the award of the International Academy of Rating Technologies and Sociology "Golden Fortune" for the significant contribution to the development of pharmacy in Ukraine, laureate of the order and certificate of honor "Scientist of the Year - 2019". Sabina Auhunas is a Head of the Department of Scientific Research and Digitization of the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine. Is a responsible executor of the scientific and research project on creation of the National Electronic Scientific Information System "URIS" (Ukrainian Research information System). As part of the scientific project on creation of the URIS system, she conducts scientific research related to solving the problem of interoperability of national information systems with global medical systems (in particular, PubMed), as well as the prospects of using the MeSH thesaurus (Medical Subject Headings) in the work of the URIS system.  Is a  responsible executor of the creation of the ORCID-Ukraine National Consortium in Ukraine.

    From April 2022 Sabina Auhunas undertakes an internship at TIB - Information Center for Science and Technology University Library (Open Science Lab). As part of scientific work, Open Science Lab conducts research on improving the metadata structure of the module on Ukrainian scientific conferences, which is currently being developed for the National Electronic Scientific Information System URIS. Intended to assess the feasibility of supplying ConfIDent with metadata about Ukrainian scientific conferences and further use of the ConfIDent metadata structure with settings in the URIS system.

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  • Sabina Auhunas

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  • sabina.auhunas@tib.eu

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  • saugunas159@gmail.com
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