Presentation: A Domain-Driven Approach To Digital Curation And Preservation Of 3D Architectural Data - Stakeholder Identification And Alignment In The Duraark Project Slideshow uri icon


  • Presentation held at the Archiving 2014 Conference of the Society for Imaging Science & Technology (IS & T) in Berlin, May 13th – 16th 2014. Abstract: DURAARK is an interdisciplinary EU FP7 project which researches and develops processes and methods for the digital preservation of architectural three dimensional data. Challenges addressed within the project relate to different aspects of the curation and preservation process, including semantic and geometric enrichment, consistent naming schemas and ontologies, as well as pre-ingest tasks in OAIS compliant digital preservation workflows. In a first step, the project identified stakeholders for methods and processes. Since the project strives for a holistic digital preservation approach, different models were taken into account to align the identified stakeholders with the overall curation and preservation workflow. This alignment leads to a better understanding of stakeholder involvement in the process and of the implications this involvement has on preservation decisions. It furthermore outlines the basis for future work in this area.

publication date

  • May 13, 2014