Collaborative Terminology Work in Mobility and Transport Research - what do we need? Slideshow uri icon


  • The Specialized Information Service for Mobility and Transport Research (Fachinformationsdienst Mobilitäts- und Verkehrsforschung: FID move) provides scientists from various fields, who are concerned with mobility and transport issues, with services for various research activities: it offers a map of researchers in all of Europe, provides access to domain-specific research items, supports scientists in the field of research data (management), and gives advice and a platform for making open access contributions. Satisfying the information needs of domain specialists, however, requires a deep subject indexing of each resource. This is possible by using domain-specific vocabularies which do exist but are not as conceptually deep and rich as required. The FID move project therefore follows an approach of vocabulary re-use and interlinking as well as enrichment and development of vocabularies. The resulting multi-resource vocabulary shall not only aid FID move services but shall also be a central terminology service for scientists. As such it requires possibilities for participation and discussion by domain-experts who are not necessarily familiar with terminology work or semantic web standards. At the same time, it needs to provide mechanisms for quality control in this community-based terminology workflow. The talk will present several theses stating what is needed to establish collaborative terminology work among libraries and mobility and transport researchers.

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  • November 14, 2019

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