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  • rdflib 0.1.0 (2018-03-02) New Features rdf() supports BDB backend for disk-based storage for large triplestores #6 rdf_parse() gains an argument rdf to append triples to existing graph adds c() method to concatenate rdf objects Performance improvements make it possible to handle triplestores with millions of triples Two new vignettes better introduce RDF and package functions. Minor Improvements rdf_query now bypasses the the very slow iteration over getNextResult approach and uses an internal redland function call to access all results at once in csv format. experimental as_rdf method now uses a poor-man's nquad serializer to rapidly generate rdf (instead of slowly iterating over add_rdf). rdf_add argument for object can now take all atomic types (numeric, integer, string, Date, POSIX, logical) and will automatically declare the appropriate datatype_uri if the user has not manually specified this. Numerous improvements to documentation from rOpenSci onboarding feedback, see #9 and #10 both functions and unit tests are broken out into separate files in their respective directories. additional example RDF data added in extdata rdf_serialize passes ... arguments to serializeToFile (e.g. to set a baseUri) Bug Fixes rdf_free() will also remove the object from the parent frame, reducing the potential for crashing R by referring to a freed pointer. fix encoding with UTF-8 characters (coming from nquads & ntriples) rdf_query() now coerces data into appropriate type if it recognizes the data URI and can match that to an R type (a few XMLSchema types are recognized, otherwise still defaults to character string) Memory management: All methods free memory from any temporary objects they initialize, tests free memory. (e.g. parsers, serializers, query, statement) extend unit tests to cover new features, check UTF-8 turtle parser/serializer fixed Deprecated trig support removed (not working in redland without optional libraries and alternative compile configuration)

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  • 2018