The TIB AV Portal: Unlocking Discovery and Interoperability of Scientific Videos Slideshow uri icon


  • Sharing scientific results in the form of audiovisual media has become an important part of scholarly communication. However, professional non-commercial video repositories are difficult to find. This presentation uses the TIB AV-Portal ( as best practice to show that providing a reliable infrastructure for publishing scholarly videos holds great potential for improving discovery and interoperability. The aim of the TIB AV-Portal is the professional hosting and publishing of scientific videos for research purposes. The portal currently provides nearly 40,000 (as of December 2022) quality-checked scientific videos under open access, predominantly Creative Commons licenses. In order to ensure long-term availability they are digitally preserved. All videos are assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The portal unlocks the video content by innovative and effective content discoverability using automatic video analysis and semantic indexing. The talk illustrates how the TIB AV-Portal can help researchers to publish their AV-Media in a science compliant way and link them to corresponding papers, presentations or research data via persistent identifiers. We present the open access infrastructure of the repository and introduce the publishing workflows as well as the benefits for the users.

publication date

  • 2023