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  • The TIB AV-Portal is a portal for scientific videos from the realms of technology/engineering and sciences, especially mathematics with in this subject at present over 2700 contributions, from over 27.000 all in all. Especially in the mathematical context the following contents could be very interesting for a broader audience of mathematicians – wether if they’re researchers or students: 1) visual demonstrations of numerical simulations, 2) video recordings of conference talks, 3) video abtracts for journal submissions, and 4) lecture videos. In this contribution the main features and advantages of finding and using, as well publishing mathematical videos in the TIB AV-Portal are shown, by giving certain examples and demonstrating use cases and workflows. Especially to be emphazised: the opportunities of persistent identifier, content linking and various automatic video analyses and its values for effective searching and finding relevant content.

publication date

  • 2020