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  • # NFDI4Chem Online Survey 2019 Dataset \r\nIn preparation of the NFDI4Chem proposal for the National Research Data Infrastructure in 2019 the NFDI4Chem team conducted a online survey with the aim to evaluate the current status of research data management in chemistry with a special focus on Germany.\r\n\r\nDataset NFDI4Chem Survey Datasets\r\nPeriod Jul 19, 2019 - October 15, 2019\r\n\r\nData captured with SoSci Survey\r\n\r\n## What does the dataset include?\r\ includes\r\n\r\n* Overview_questionaire_variables.pdf\r\n* SoSci_export_variables.csv\r\n* SoSci_export_values.csv\r\n* SoSci_export_data_anonym.csv\r\n\r\n### Overview_questionaire_variables.pdf\r\nThis file provides an overview of the questionaire structure, the codes for questions and answers used in the data files.\r\n\r\n### SoSci_export_values.csv\r\nThis file contains per row the codes of the answers label and the predefined values of the answer data field and their actual meaning.\r\n\r\n### SoSci_export_variables.csv\r\nThis file contains per row the question, code of the answers label, descriptive answer label and type of data field\r\n\r\n### SoSci_export_data_anonym.csv\r\nThis file contains per row the participants answers using the codes and predefined values of SoSci_export_values.xlsx\r\n

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  • 2020