ConfIDent - persistent identifiers and high quality metadata for conference information Video uri icon


  • Scientific events are an important component of scientific communication. Participation in and organisation of scientific events like conferences are an essential part of the everyday life of researchers and should be perceived as such. Research information systems, which enable a) researchers to display research information in profiles and b) research administration to assess research activities oftentimes struggle to gather reliable records of conferences and conference activities. In this lightning talk we want to draft two use cases: First, making conference information from ConfIDent available to VIVO and other research information systems, e.g. for look-up mechanisms, and second, delivering conference information from VIVO to ConfIDent to generate identifiers for long-tail conferences. Both use-cases will potentially lead to more recognition of non-publication contributions to the science-system like organizing an event or being otherwise involved in its execution. In particular the latter use-case will support the documentation and archiving of smaller scientific events which are rarely captured and visible outside of their specific domain.

publication date

  • 2020